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Facebook Ads Expert Service

We develop customized Facebook Ad Campaigns that reach your targeted customers which helps you achieve better ROI for every dollar spent.


Social Media Marketing

Whether its social media advertising, social media optimization or social media management, with our tailored social media strategy, we help your brand stand out from the crowd.


Facebook Messenger Chatbot

We design Facebook messenger chatbot with personalized responses which improves user experience with rich messages featuring intuitive navigation and interactive chat responses. Let your queries handled by a smart bot.


Sales Funnel Creation

Website purchase is not profitable. We create Sales Funnel for your business which increases your ROI 4 to 5 times

Web Development

Website and App Development

We know how difficult is to grow your offline company in digital world and protected all the time. Our league of Avengers holds the expertise to do so. Get your company a website today.


Logo Design

We take pride in delivering impeccable customized branding services that help the company to reflect their core values, goals and culture.


ABOUT MarketoZilla

MarketoZilla is a creative digital agency that helps brands express themselves and connect with their audiences in a better way through complete digital transformation. We enhance the brands’ online visibility through a blend of performance-driven approach, creative campaigns, conversation strategies and innovation. We empower our clients to grow their business using various digital marketing platforms and tools.

We follow a data-driven approach towards success.

1. STRATEGY: The foundation of any campaign ensures its success. We spend enough time in listening to our clients and understanding their priorities and KPIs, to develop a strategy that would work best for them. 

2. EXECUTION: Empowered by the desire to create something better every single time, we design, build, test and deploy performance-driven marketing campaigns for our clients on different digital platforms.

3. OPTIMISATION: Success which can’t be measured, is not success. We deliver measurable growth through constant campaign management using proper analytics, figures, adjustments and optimization.


Sumit and his team’s solution had an almost immediate impact on our business. They were able build our network online incredibly quickly, which resulted in a high value client win within the first 3 weeks of working with them.

Joe Nagle

Plain and simple, our creative team would not be what it is today without Sumit and his team. They are experienced, energetic, and eager to help. And, we are excited to work with them again and again.

Carry Thomson

There’s no rating high enough to give this Company the credit they deserve. When it comes to knowledge execution and professional kindness. Bearly Marketing sets the utmost exception for the highest standard in Social Media Marketing Management period.

Brooke G

We hired Marketozilla Marketing Team to be our social media manager for three channels. In no time, Sumit and his team launched and established our well needed social media presence. What a relief that was as it gave us more time to focus on our business.

Christine Annie

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